Curriculum Materials, Training Manual, eCourse, Online Community, & Ongoing Mentorship: Flat fee, plus Annual Membership Fee: Prices TBD

Stay tuned as we work out the details!

Our aim is to maintain the integrity and high quality that we have poured into this curriculum. Additionally, we want to know the bold women who are offering our curriculum and create relationships with them. To achieve this, we will ask you to sign a legal contract that illuminates clear expectations and division of responsibilities for all when you pay your fee. We believe in the holistic approach. We believe in equal exchange. Together, let us live up to the highest standards in our work.

Membership Contents:

BDC Curriculum Materials

Materials you need to start offering BDC to your clients

We provide you with the materials you need to develop your own BDC topic nights. This includes detailed lesson plans, handouts, and slideshows.

eCourse + Training Manual

Online eCourse and Training Manual on how to effectively use BDC Curriculum

You get Unlimited Access to voice recordings, videos, and a digital training manual that guides you through the material and teaches you how to connect the dots. This includes business items, such as how and where to schedule your topic nights and what to discuss in 1:1s with families. This also includes tips and tricks and what we have found works best for us.

Ongoing Community + Mentorship

Relationships with BDC doulas and other birth professionals

Stay connected! We will invite you to a closed Facebook forum to stay connected to the BDC doulas and other birth professionals. This is a great tool to ask questions and support one another. Additionally, you will have access to changing curriculum, enrichments, podcasts, and more.

A tribe is not only beneficial for families -- it is also incredibly beneficial for birth professionals. In fact, we think it is a game-changer. Working together with other women makes a work-life balance achievable, and it creates a supportive web around each woman so she can be a better doula. We do not have to do this work alone! We invite a more feminine, communal approach to this tender work that will help you expand your business and inspire other birth professionals to do the same.

We Are Stronger Together.

Find your tribe. Offer Birth Doula Centering to your clients.

Join Our Team

Birth Professionals

Are you interested in sharing the Birth Doula Centering Model of Care with your doula families? We want you to help you do that! It truly benefits everyone. Whether you’re an experienced doula or just starting out, we invite you to join our Birth Doula Centering community. We provide a doula membership program, mentoring, and continued enrichment to ensure our collective is fully prepared to meet the needs of our growing families.

Membership for Birth Professionals