Drop in class: $25 per person / $40 per couple (handouts + pre-class homework included)

Membership for Birth Professionals

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Are you a Birth Professional interested in offering Birth Doula Centering to your own clients?
You & Your Doula

Your relationship with your primary doula is equally as important as the group learning. You have the opportunity to schedule private 1:1 meetings with your primary doula, which are conducted immediately after each Centering topic night. This allows for the building of a deeper, more trusted Doula-Family relationship, which is really what this is all about.

Centering Topic Nights

  • Emotions During Birth, Postpartum, & Parenting

  • Navigating Labor Support + Relaxation Comfort Measures

  • Postpartum Planning + Navigating

  • Women's-Only Reflection Night & Partners-Only Reflection Night

Borrowing from the Centering Model of [Obstetric] Care, developed by the Centering Healthcare Institute, four trusted Doulas have created The Birth Doula Centering Model of Care, through which we will provide our collective Doula families group prenatal education and support. Blending the voices, experiences, and questions of several couples can ease nervousness and give the entire group the opportunity to gain knowledge and support from each other. Hearing other couples share concerns that mirror their own helps parents-to-be normalize the whole experience of pregnancy. Participants receive the benefits of individual AND group learning. These sessions are attended by between 2-12 couples who are expecting their first, second, third, or fourth child. Centering is held twice monthly at one central location with a rotating series of 4 topics.


Better health outcomes

Increased self care

Increased self confidence

Support & friendship

Learning & fun

Expanded support for partners

More time with the doula than the conventional model of doula care

The Team Approach

Cultivating Community During the Childbearing Time


Though birth is undeniably and rightly so, a deeply private and intimate event, the prenatal period is a time of great opportunity to re-establish, or build for the very first time, a community of trust and support. The saying, "it takes a village" could never be more true.